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Eroglu And Erdogan Express Commıtment For Solutıon Before 2012

Erdogan: "we Belıeve Sıncerely To Solutıon But The Sıtuatıon Is Becomıng Unendurable".

Eroglu And Erdogan Express Commıtment For Solutıon Before 2012



Nicosia, 20 July 11 (T.A.K): President of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Dervish Eroglu and Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan expressed solidarity and commitment for a settlement before 2012 at the Peace and Freedom Day celebrations in TRNC today.

Erdogan also stressed Turkey's support to economic development of TRNC while criticizing EU for failing to keep up with its promises to Turkish Cypriots to remove sanctions.

TRNC President Dervish Eroglu, Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdoğan, Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk and many dignitaries from Turkey and other nations attended the main parade marking the 37th anniversary of Turkish Peace Mission in Cyprus.

Erdogan in his address to the crowd at the parade said "The solidarity and brotherhood spirit with Turkish Cypriots is still fresh and alive".

The Turkish Premier said referring to 2004 referenda on UN settlement plan which was rejected by Greek Cypriots by 75 percent despite Turkish Cypriot's approval that Greek Cypriot's despite rejecting the plan was rewarded while Turkish Cypriots were punished. He also reacted EU for not keeping its promises to Turkish Cypriots on easing sanctions.

"We believe sincerely to solution but the situation is becoming unendurable" Erdogan said adding that the peace talks had reached to the final stage.

Erdogan said a possible solution would be a federation formed by Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot founding states based on bi zonality, bi communality and political equality as stated in UNSC resolutions with single international identity.

PM Erdogan also underlined that the opportunity window would not remain open forever.

PM Erdogan also reiterated that if Greek Cypriot Administration was to take over EU term presidency Turkey's relation with EU would freez and that no one should expect Turkey to sit at the same table with Greek Cypriots. He said if a new Cyprus federal state was to take over the EU term presidency a solution had to be reached before 2012.

Erdoğan also stated that Turkey did not recognize "Cyprus state" and that there was a Greek Cypriot Administration and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on the island.

Recep Tayip Erdogan called on UNSG Ban Ki - Moon to assert his support to the peace talks. He allso called Grece and Greek Cypriot leadership to leave aside any preconceptions if any solution was to be reached.

Listing Turkish Government's electricity and water pipeline project to Cyprus expected to complete in 3 years, education and tourism plans Erdogan said, "TRNC will become more powerful state".


President Dervish Eroglu in his address said the meaning that Turkey's Prime Minister gave bay making his first overseas visit to TRNC after forming his new government was significant.

Eroglu called on the UN Security Council to act responsibly considering the contribution a solution would make to the peace in the region; to the EU not to bow down to Greek Cypriot threads and fulfill promises made to Turkish Cypriots regarding free trade; and to Islamic Cooperation Organization to take more effective role in the peace process.

Talking about the latest developments at the peace talks aimed at ending the half a century Cyprus problem  Eroglu said, "We together with mainland Turkey believe that the conclusion af the talks till the end of this year and holding a referendum in the first months of 2012 is a must and possible".

Greek Cypriot side  is set to be taking over the EU term presidency in second half of 2012 Eroglu said if 2012 is considered as target it would be hypothetical to expect flexibility from Greek Cypriot side.

"There is enough time and necessary base for this. Just so the Greek Cypriots do take into considerations of today's realities and acknowledge the equal status with Turkish Cypriots" he added.

Eroglu said, "Using today's realities as starting point, we want a solution that is based on equality and sovereignty of the two people, bi-zonality and offers the undiluted guarantorship of Turkey".

Criticizing the Greek Cypriots for blocking the EU Direct Trade bill for Turkish Cypriot and highlighting the recent cooperation with Greek Cypriots where Turkish Cypriot side has been providing Greek Cypriot side with electricity following the naval base explosion that destroyed a large power station Eroglu said, "Turkish Cypriot people knows well to do his bit and keep politics out when humanitarian issues are at stake. I hope this will trigger other cooperation in other fields without waiting for a comprehensive solution".

Eroglu said July 20'th Peace Mission was a turning point for Turkish Cypriots and that if the Peace Mission had not taken place Cyprus would have been another Greek island like Crete leaving Turkey facing many threads.

He said UK's persistence with its military in Cyprus despite having called back its military forces from many regions was because of the islands strategic importance.

"If the petrol and natural gas present around Cyprus is put into consideration then the importance of Cyprus is better comprehensible" President Eroglu added.

Referring to development of TRNC Eroglu said Turkish Cypriots' success under heavy sanctions was difficult to come by and that mainland Turkey's contribution was immense.

"I haven't the slightest worry for our future. Because I believe and trust the Turkish people, brothers in Anatolia, mainland Turkey" the President added.


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