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Idb Group's Investment Forum In Trnc Starts

Presıdent Eroglu And Oıc Secretary General Call On Busınessmen To Invest In Trnc.

Idb Group's Investment Forum In Trnc Starts


Nicosia, 12 April 12 (T.A.K.): "Invest in North Cyprus Forum", aimed at positioning Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus on the world investment map, organized by Foreign Ministry and 56 Islamic state member institution, the Islamic Development Bank Group, has started in city of Kyrenia in TRNC.

President Dervis Eroglu in his address at the inauguration ceremony, attended by Secretary General of Organization Islamic Cooperation Ekmelettin Ihsanoglu,  President of IDB Group Ahmad Muhammed Ali, President of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchange of Turkey Rifat Hisarciklioğlu and Undersecretary of Ministry of Economy of Turkey Ahmet Yakıcı and business elite from Islamic countries, said, TRNC offered great investment opportunities, a matter that he personally attached great importance.  He said, his recent visit to Jeddah was essentially part of this work.

The president reiterated his call that unjust embargoes and isolations imposed on Turkish Cypriots should be ended and that any investment would encourage a settlement on the island.

President Dervis Eroglu, stressed the importance of water pipeline between Turkey and TRNC would play and timing for investment. "I believe that those who take the investment opportunities today will have an advantage over those who would seek such opportunities in the future" he said.

The president also underlined that TRNC was a safe heaven for any investment and quoted Besir Atalay State Minister of Turkey as saying "No investment in TRNC is risky".

Referring to on going talks Eroglu said, a multilateral meeting called by the United Nation Secretary General would contribute to the settlement of Cyprus problem, while stressing that Greek Cypriot were against such move which could reaffirm their intransigence.

"We do not want to be the victimized party for another 40 years just because the reluctance of Greek Cypriots for a solution" he said.


Organization of Islamic Cooperation Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, also made a call to the Muslim businessmen to invest in TRNC.

"I invite you all to benefit from this beautiful investment environment" he said.

Ihsanoglu said the forum was a sign of brotherly relationship between the Islamic world and TRNC.

He said, investors from Islamic countries were in TRNC to help its economic development adding that TRNC people were distressed because of unjust economic embargoes.

Ihsanoglu underlined that 69 percent of the world petrol and 57 percent of the world gas was at OIC member states and added that trade between OIC members were improving and that whey would benefit from opportunities in TRNC too.

The Secretary General, also made note of the water pipeline, stating that investment opportunities in agriculture and food production would increase once the project was concluded in 2014.


President of IDB Group Ahmad Muhammed Ali also used the stand to make a call for Muslim businessmen to invest in Cyprus.

He said the country offered the necessary incentives for investment and added, "This is with the gods permission a growing and a promising country. We believe this forum will be a success in starting investment"


Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk, in his speech stressed that the form was a sign that TRNC despite of international embargoes could not be cast aside.

The Prime Minister said decisions of OIC and the support by the IDB played an important role in further development of TRNC.

Kucuk also underlined that TRNC investment environment were becoming more attractive every day.


The co-organizer of the Forum, Foreign Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun, said; "We believe that, despite all obstructions from Greek Cypriots, economic development of TRNC will continue to grow with the support of the brother OIC member states".

He said the forum would provide the basis for the improvement of cooperation between TRNC and Muslim state businessman.

He added that, "The main obstacle before a settlement was the isolations imposed on Turkish Cypriot people, in all areas from education to economy and sport".

Referring the resolutions of OIC regarding Cyprus, Ozgurgun said, "These resolutions and declarations, calls on member states to improve relations in all areas primarily in transport, commerce, tourism, culture, education and sport wit us. Without a doubt it is our biggest expectation to see the member states take concrete steps in this direction"


Undersecretary of Ministry of Economy of Turkey Ahmet Yakıcı, referring to the water pipe line said once the water arrived agriculture would become a strategic sector.

Stressing the solidarity between TRNC and Turkey Yakıcı said, "Turkey's strength is TRNC's strength".

Yıkıcı said that, bearing in mind the strategic importance TRNC should be kept strong.

"There is an opportunity here that should be utilized. It has started to become part of the system. We shall overcome isolations if we succeed in growing the economy" he said.


Sunat Atun the Minister of Economy, said the economy of TRNC offered great opportunities"

He said despite the embargoes TRNC remained open to outside world with the support of Turkey.

Atun said, the economic performance of  TRNC was greater than world economies, and that 68 percent of the Gross National Products came from services sector.


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